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  • Ariel Cao

Tackling Patient Compliance Through Data

Our current gold standard method for measuring intraocular pressure – Goldmann applanation tonometry – is plagued by fudge factors. Although it’s considered the “gold standard” with broad acceptance, for some cases it may seem more like a random number generator. Due to the lack of consistent calibration, operator error and variability of measurement conditions, the value may not be 100 percent trustworthy. One day it’s this, the other it’s that and nobody knows why.

Ophthalmologists use tonometry as a relative measurement – but I believe we can do better. All it takes is a shift in mindset. We are lucky enough to have some incredibly influential figures on our advisory board -- but what's reassuring is that as soon as we start talking to them about the device they play back the benefits that they perceive from their own experience. It’s what they’ve been waiting for – to be more effective in their therapy management.

Injectsense IOP-Connect enables remote monitoring
Continuous IOP monitoring can help determine when patients are not compliant. frustrated with eyedrops, but the risk is vision loss.

Now they can personalize therapy for each patient and transform the relationship to contain the disease progression more effectively. After all, only 30 percent of glaucoma patients are compliant with medication use. Our device may help to gain an additional 5 percent, 10 percent, maybe even more, of those patients, and improve outcomes with a cost-effective drug regimen, by just taking the drug.

The device may also offer unparalleled insight into drug efficacy – separating the losers from the winners. Companies who sell drugs that don’t work will have no place to hide. And though that sounds harsh, it will ultimately be a positive thing. Instead of spending money developing drugs that don’t work, pharma can funnel funds into ones that do.

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