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Our ultra-miniature, low-power platform is ideal for a range of medical domains and applications.  We have already developed pressure monitoring  and flow measurement units for evaluation and expect to add additional functionality.

Sensing Capabilities

  • Pressure (absolute)

  • Blood oxygen content (Sa02)

  • Body motion and orientation

  • Electrical signals (OCG)

  • Body temperature



Injectsense's iOP-Connect relies on the company's ultra-miniature sensor that is implanted in the eye to measure IOP 24/7 over the course of decades. The sensor is housed in a custom carrier, and is delivered in the doctor's office, similar to a standard IVT injection (7 million delivered annually). The sensor self-anchors in the sclera and transmits IOP at a programmable sampling rate. Once a week the patient wears a pair of smart glasses for a few minutes that recharges the device and securely uploads the data to a  mobile phone and the cloud.




Injectsense's implantable sensor measures intracranial pressure, either as a stand-alone device or embedded in another device. The remote application can allow doctors to determine whether hydrocephalus patient shunts are obstructed without the patient going to the ER.


The Injectsense sensor platform and carrier makes it an effective solution for measuring in-vivo arterial pressure. With its ultra-miniature size, solid state battery, and self-anchoring capability it offers an effective replacement for long-term intravenous cannulation, which carries the risk of infection and which limits patient mobility. Once inserted, the 

wireless sensor can function for years, informing the physician of pressure changes and providing insight into therapy effectiveness.

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