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Injectsense: Improved Care Through Continuous Information

A Serious Unmet Need -- with Significant Quality-of-Life Implications

We live in a new era where we are constantly connected. We receive remote updates on almost all information critical to our lives and lifestyle, and we have the ability to monitor event status and to predict and plan for change. Yet in the medical field, a physician treating a progressive disease often has no choice but to be reactive -- often with harmful results. Critical data on patient disease state is collected infrequently during sporadic office visits, yielding only a single data point to interpret past trends and assess long-term risk. Unlike our personal updates, continuously available via sensors, GIS, and smart phone connectivity, there is no continuous stream of physiological measurement data from patients that can allow physicians to track and anticipate changes in disease status. The medical team cannot see how patient activity may be affecting disease indicators, and they can't see whether patients are even complying with drug therapy. The end result? More patient visits to the ER and doctor's office -- often when physiological damage has already been done.


Injectsense: A New Paradigm for Therapy Management

Injectsense enables tracking of progressive disease indicators and improved therapy management by providing continuous, clinically actionable information through an injectable ultra-miniature sensor coupled with a secure digital health platform. Our sensor, which can be delivered during a doctor's office visit, transforms the care model by enabling medical teams to track the disease at the pace of its evolution, whether months or years, receive early warning signs and provide preventive therapy. The configurable-on-demand sensor monitors patients 24/7, requires no patient lifestyle changes and reduces the need for medical office visits. More significantly, it allows physicians to establish an individual patient baseline for comparison, to receive data quickly at any time of day, to see histories and hourly dynamic disease state before irreversible damage is done, and to increase the effectiveness of drug therapy by tracking the effects of pharmaceuticals on key indicators over time.


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CAUTION - Investigational Device. Limited by Federal law to investigational use.

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