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A Physician's Perspective

Updated: Apr 3

On the subject of glaucoma, I often explain how difficult it is for ophthalmologists to manage a disease where our goal is to control IOP but we only get to measure that pressure three or four times during the year. None of my internal medicine colleagues would ever try to manage the insulin dosage in a diabetic patient with only four measurements of blood sugar in a year, but we are forced to manage glaucoma that way.

It was Injectsense COO Enrique Malaret who suggested that some sort of miniature implantable device could potentially give us the ability to measure IOP throughout the day. I mentioned that the best place to implant the device would be the Pars Plana – the basic idea for what Injectsense is developing today was born at that moment. Once Enrique and Ariel founded Injectsense, they contacted me to become their first medical advisor and I recruited some of the other current members of the medical advisory board. The rest is history and the other members of the Medical Advisory Board and I look forward to seeing this technology become part of the standard of care.

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