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Executive Team

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Ariel Cao, president/CEO and co-founder, brings a strong background in team building, organizational management, business development and technical expertise to Injectsense. With more than 25 years of experience in electronic device design and fabrication, product marketing/lifecycle management, and executive administration, his in-depth knowledge across multiple industry sectors has enabled him to secure more than $375 million dollars in contracts for cutting-edge semiconductor products, medical devices, sensors, and intellectual property. 


Following his tenure at major electronics market players Sun Microsystems and Mentor, Cao co-founded 4 of his own companies and advised on a $100M IPO. He has built high-performing engineering and sales teams in the microprocessor and sensor industries and is equally comfortable with term sheet discussions, technology transfer negotiations or establishing new medical device supply chains. Fluent in French and English, and with significant business experience in Japan and Asia, he has established and driven profitable US operations for European high-tech companies, and was instrumental in setting up a new nanotech research consortium between Caltech and major French government research lab LETI.

Enrique Malaret, COO and co-founder, brings more twenty-eight years of medical product development and regulatory knowledge to Injectsense. With an exemplary record as engineering manager at Medtronic, and as co-founder and COO at 3 of his own companies, he has developed and launched 8 products and design enhancements and taken them through clinical trials to market release. His team management and leadership at Medtronic secured him a quality award for device yields over 99 percent, while his development expertise at his own company enabled him to increase revenue from $500K to $4M, resulting in the acquisition of the firm by Tronics Microsystems.


Malaret has further leveraged his depth of experience for consulting clients, assisting them in identifying market opportunities to complement their product platform, creating product development plans and manufacturing supply chains, and guiding them through the regulatory process. He holds 11 patents.


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