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Additional Medical Markets


Long-term and Acute Applications

The Injectsense sensor-enabled digital health system is the missing link between the individual physiology of the patient (eye, brain, heart, muscles) and the therapy prescribed by the physician. The team's background and expertise in advanced electronics, medical device and regulatory pathways has enabled the development of a platform that meets a spectrum of requirements for applications within a broad range of markets. The system is designed to monitor key physiological markers for long-term and acute needs, including:


  • Organ health over months and years (in-vivo)

  • Surgical monitoring (including pre- and post-operative monitoring) 

  • Monitoring the exact effects of drug therapy (milliseconds, hours, days)

  • Determining patient compliance

  • Integration with acute and long-term medical devices


A Range of Sensing and Actuation Capabilities

The injectable device component of the system can be equipped with a sensor that measures either pressure, motion, electrical impulses, or chemical presence. The company's medical and technology teams are configuring the sensor platform for use in multiple medical domains: for shallow implant as well as for deep implant tissue, for different delivery options, and for use in a range of in-vivo media, from blood systems (hemodynamic) to other fluid systems, and tissues such as muscle.


The team's knowledge of telemetry, power management, energy recovery, form factors and miniaturization is coupled with a firm medical grounding in biocompatibility, delivery, media interfaces, and safety risk mitigation. The result is a platform for a range of sectors that offers long-term stability, reliability and accuracy, as well as physician access to high-value, clinically actionable data streams and reports. 


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