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Advisory Board


The Injectsense Advisory Board is comprised of leading professionals who represent both the company’s initial medical target market of ophthalmology and glaucoma treatment, as well as top technologists and business executives who have helped to shape the semiconductor and medical device industries. The company has identified additional advisors in other medical domains as well as in China, where InjectSense expects to have a significant market.


Medical Advisors

Injectsense medical advisors include industry-recognized surgeons, ophthalmologists and regulatory experts, all of who monitor advances in the field and who have published a wide range of peer-reviewed articles and papers. These advisors provide critical feedback to Injectsense on approaches to continuous IOP monitoring and on elimination of barriers to market acceptance.

Myron Yanoff, MD, FAAO, is former professor and chair emeritus at the Departments of Ophthalmology at both Drexel University College and the University of Pennsylvania, and former director of the Scheie Eye Institute. He has published more than 160 articles and co-authored 37 textbooks. He is an internationally known scholar, teacher and clinical innovator focusing on cataract surgery and ophthalmic pathology.

Iqbal "Ike" Ahmed, MD, FRCSC, is recognized globally for his skills and groundbreaking work in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of highly complex eye diseases including glaucoma and surgical complications. As research director and professor at the Kensington Eye Institute at the University of Toronto, he is acknowledged as one of the most experienced complex eye surgeons in the world and has trained numerous surgeons in innovative surgical techniques. He has been at the leading edge of novel treatments for glaucoma, cataract and lens implant surgery, with a focus on “micro-invasive glaucoma surgery” (MIGS), a medical domain and term that he developed.

Arthur Sit, MD, FAAO, is an Associate Professor, Glaucoma Fellowship Director, and Vice Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Mayo Clinic. With a master's degree in mechanical engineering from MIT as well as a medical degree, his research interests focus on aqueous humor dynamics, the variations in intraocular pressure, ocular biomechanics, the role of intracranial pressure in glaucoma, and novel technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. Recently, this has included the development of a novel device for the measurement of episcleral venous pressure, and a novel device for in vivo assessment of ocular biomechanical properties. Current research also includes investigation of the effects of low ICP on optic nerve configuration, and mechanisms of action of novel pharmacotherapies.

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Richard Lindstrom, MD, FAAO, is the founder and attending surgeon at Minnesota Eye Consultants, Adjunct Clinic Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Department of Ophthalmology, and visiting professor at the UC Irvine Gavin Herbert Eye Institute. He is a board-certified ophthalmologist and internationally recognized leader in corneal, cataract, refractive, glaucoma and laser surgery. He has been at the forefront of ophthalmology's evolutionary changes throughout his career, as a researcher, physician and surgeon. He has been awarded over 40 patents in ophthalmology and has developed a number of corneal preservation solutions, intraocular lenses and instruments that are used in clinical practices globally. He serves on the Board of Directors of multiple companies.

Ernesto Collazo, MD, FAAO, specializes in cataract and refractive surgery. His studies regarding the pathophysiology of cataracts and diabetic retinopathy have been published in international ophthalmic journals. He is a guest lecturer for various medical and lay organizations in the United States, Puerto Rico and Europe. Dr. Collazo was showcased by Newsweek Magazine as one of the leaders in laser eye surgery in the United States and for his commitment to use of advanced technology in healthcare.

Jason Bacharach, MD, FAAO, has been a glaucoma consultant in Sonoma County, California, since 1993. He is the Founding Partner as well as Medical & Research Director of North Bay Eye Associates, Inc., a multi-subspecialty ophthalmology practice. He is Co-Chair of the Department of Glaucoma at California Pacific Medical Center, in San Francisco, California, and is a fellow of the American Glaucoma Society. He has authored multiple articles on glaucoma management in peer reviewed literature, and is currently on the editorial board of the American Journal of Ophthalmology.

Stephen Sinclair, MD, FAAO, owns and directs Sinclair Retinal Associates, a premier practice group that specializes in all types of surgical, medical and laser treatment of the retina and vitreous. He is also CEO of the ophthalmologic device and drug development company Sinclair Technologies and CEO of the non-profit Clear Vision Foundation. He is Adjunct Professor of Ophthalmology at Drexel University School of Medicine, Philadelphia. 

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Kuldev Singh, MD, is Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of the Glaucoma Service at Stanford University. He received his MD and MPH degrees from the Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Singh’s research interests include glaucoma and cataract surgery trials, epidemiology, population health, patient related outcomes and genetics. His clinical practice focuses on the medical, laser and surgical management of glaucoma and cataract. Dr. Singh has served as President of the American Glaucoma Society.  He is an FDA funded researcher, serves on the FDA Advisory Committee for Ophthalmic Devices and has received the Life Achievement Honor Award from the American Academy of Ophthalmology. 

William Daney, MD, served nearly 40 years as a clinical emergency medicine specialist, medical director and instructor, with a focus on cardiology, practicing in multiple locations in Texas.

Technology Advisors


Injectsense technology advisors are focused on a range of innovative domains, ranging from medical device advances -- including artificial organs and BioMEMS -- to semiconductor device miniaturization, including ultra-low power, MEMS, analog/mixed-signal design and communications.

Bernhard Boser, Ph.D., is a professor at the Electronic Engineering and Computer Sciences department at University of California Berkeley.  His research focuses on analog/mixed signal circuits, with special emphasis on sensor and actuator interfaces. He and his co-workers accomplishments include differential capacitive readout techniques for MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes, now used in the majority of commercial inertial sensors.  He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1988. He is Fellow of the IEEE and a co-founder of SiTime, which has an 85% market share and has shipped over 35 million MEMs devices.

Business Advisors


Injectsense is currently expanding its roster of business advisors, including veteran businesspeople with experience in international medical device business strategy.

James L. McGregor is chairman of APCO Worldwide, Greater China, an independent global public affairs and strategic communications consultancy. As former CEO of Dow Jones & Company in China and former Wall Street Journal Bureau Chief who has lived in China for more than 25 years, he stays in touch with business and politics, and understands the international business landscape in Asia.

Injectsense also has a network of informal business technology advisors including Kurt Petersen, president of KP MEMS, Janusz Bryzek, CEO  of eXo, and Nadim Malouf, a prominent MEMS technologist.

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